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D. Grant Crawley Ltd, now known as virtco®, was founded over 27 years ago, on 10th April 1992. Over the years the business has evolved, changed and transformed from a PC builder, value added reseller, through software mail order, bespoke software development to the digital transformation services company it has become today.

In the beginning we operated from Grant’s parents’ garage, then five years later we moved indoors, and then moved out to rented office space. The way the business has evolved over the years has seen us become more and more virtualised. Servers have moved into the cloud, the office has become redundant and we now operate as a distributed “virtual company” with no permanent office base, hence our name virtco®.

We have a long history of working with Internet technologies, both directly providing Internet services and also utilising the technologies as a tool to help our clients. We created and ran one of the very first online stores, provided a cloud database solution with live on-page digital image capture to clients as early as 1995 and even did some work for the Formula 1 team: Jaguar Racing. We’ve been a Nominet member organisation since 1999, and became a Nominet Accredited Registrar organisation in 2014, giving us the ability to register and manage domain names in the .UK namespace.

Virtco® is a digital transformation services company you can trust to give you the best advice and provide solid, reliable services which will help you to build and grow your business. If you need help with something IT related, then please feel free to contact us and we will do everything we can to help.

ideas that improve the whole process

Grant has the capability and vision to take a business concept and turn it into a stable and reliable system. He can quickly recognise the best direction needed for the project and frequently comes up with suggestions and ideas that improve the whole process and result in a much more efficient method of operation. A great team player.

David Percival
Managing Director at Delavan Limited - Collins Aerospace

one of the fastest thinking people I have met

Grant is one of the fastest thinking people I have met - he can spot something a mile off. I really enjoyed working for Grant and would be keen to work with him again. One of the people you aspire to be as good as.

Rachel Dunscombe
CEO NHS Digital Academy

has no equal

I have worked with Grant on many varied projects. When it comes to IT support and creativity within the ecommerce space he has no equal.

David Gammond
CEO Racefields Venture Capital

no hesitation recommending Grant

I known and worked with Grant for a number of years. He is very concise in his work and has provided our company with considerable assistance with databases and web based products over the years. I would have no hesitation recommending Grant. He is a supplier of top quality work.

Dennis Redmond
Product Sales Manager IATA II - Collins Aerospace

I cannot recommend Grant highly enough.

Having worked with Grant for nearly 20 years I cannot think of one time when he did not provide me with all the tools and knowledge needed to start continue or complete any task we needed. His knowledge on all IT matters either hardware or software is incredible. I cannot recommend Grant highly enough.

Richard Hailey
IT Hardware Manager at National cash Advance

The service element is superb

Grant has been an enormous help in setting up our IT infrastructure. He is amazingly versatile in the realm of IT and he deals with all our issues connected with IT. The service element is superb and over and above that, he is a really helpful and friendly guy.

Tony Crouch
Recruiter - International Bulk Physical Commodities