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When you are setting up shop online it’s all too easy to over complicate things. You end up with services coming from a multitude of vendors. Then when something goes wrong it becomes a finger-pointing exercise. Our business internet packages are designed to take you from startup to enterprise while eliminating that pain. That then frees you up to run the business you are good at without getting bogged down learning all the intricacies of the Internet.

Monthly, minimum 6 months.
Perfect for Startups
To help startups get going with their own domain, email and website.
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you already have a domain name you can transfer it into our managed service and we will extend your registration by 1 year as part of the package, unless you want us to register a new domain name for you anyway.

DNS is the domain name system, it’s like a phone directory that translates your domain name to the appropriate server address for the service that’s been requested. We host domain on the de-facto standard DNS server technology and our DNS servers are located on multiple continents for maximum redundancy.

We define an email mailbox as a separate email account that you can login to with a username and password, it has at least one email address assigned to it and is different from an email alias and a group mailbox.
Our email service is provisioned with IMAP4, POP3 and a fantastic webmail client. You can use any email client software you want on any smartphone or PC, or you can use the webmail client via any current web browser. We recommend using IMAP4 and webmail as it allows you to use multiple devices with a single mailbox and they all stay in sync (POP3 downloads and removes your email from the server mailbox).
We have three sizes of mailbox, 5GB, 10GB and 15GB, if you manage your mail then 5GB should be enough for many years to come, but should the need arise you can upgrade to a larger one and we will advise you at the time.
An email alias is an email address which is different to the default email address of your mailbox, but is delivered to that mailbox.
Group forwarding is where you have an email address which delivers the same received message to every member of the group. For example sales@yourdomain.com could deliver sales enquiries to every member of your sales team.
Our calendar system uses the industry standard calendar synchronisation system called WebCal, and the settings to use are available in your webmail mailbox.
Web hosting security is multi-layered, firstly it needs to be secured so that bad actors can’t hijack your website or change it’s content. Also, your visitor communications between them and your website need to be encrypted to ensure that anything they send to you (or you send to them) is encrypted so it can’t be viewed by a third party.
Websites come in many different flavours, but even if you predominantly use social media for your following, there are many reasons to back it up with a website. For example you may want to direct your audience to join a mailing list, or complete a more in-depth survey, or even buy some products. All of which are much simpler and more professional looking if they’re on your own website.
A content management system makes updating a website and maintaining your website content a relatively simple process, you don’t need to know how to code (HTML, CSS, PHP, JS etc) and can just get on with publishing your content in a simple and consistent way. We use, recommend and include the WordPress system, we think it’s the best one out there and is extremely versatile. You don’t have to use a content management system, and if you have the skills then you are welcome to develop your website in whatever way suits you. Should you want to develop your own website then contact us to find out what technologies and services we are running on our server.
A MySQL database is where your website content management system stores almost all of your content. However, you can use it for other purposes. For example, if you wanted a sub-section of your website to provide a CRM solution or host some stock management software. As part of your package you already have a database you can use, which is always-on, backed up and has a great management console.