New York DNS Server Brought Online

We have improved the resilience of our DNS services by bringing online our own secondary DNS server. It’s located in New York, USA to provide greater disaster protection, in case there is an unforeseen event in our London data-centre that prevents us from serving DNS records.

This new server has our innovative adaptive firewall technology that constantly monitors activity for abnormal behaviour and shuts down connections to the offending party before it becomes an issue.

It’s also monitored 24/7, like all our other servers, to ensure that we maintain our 99.999% uptime record.

Web Server Security Hardened

Today we have installed a new technology on our primary web server, it automatically detects hacking attempts and then dynamically modifies firewall rules to block the hacker, bot or malware that is trying to break into or exploit the services we provide to our customers.

The benefit to our customers is that the server will no longer be being bombarded by a continuous stream of unwanted network traffic and can serve your web pages faster and without hindrance. Customer web pages are also less likely to be vandalised or exploited by malware or spam bots.

We already have class leading uptime, the server hasn’t needed to be rebooted for the last 311 days, but this evening we did reboot to implement this change and some updates. The server was out of action for less than three minutes, but these changes should mean that the server can resume it’s normal duties of serving our customer’s web pages (and this one) without interruption for at least the next 311 days.

Solar Websites Launched

We’ve recently developed a series of websites for the Goldfield Partners EIS companies. Each site is based on OSCommerce technology and all provide either solar energy products or complimentary energy saving products. The full list of websites we have launched are:


Customer Website Launched

Recently we completed and launched a website for a brand new customer, Carminé Wines. Design and development began on 3rd November and was completed in under 6 days, and the web site went live in time for the BBC Good Food Show at Kensington Olympia on 9th November.

Carminé Wines import and distribute fine artisan wines from Sardinia.

Comment from the owner of Carminé Wines:

“looks beautiful… well done
best rgds

The Carminé Wines website is based on Zen Cart™ technology.