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Hybrid Meetings

For nearly two years we haven’t really been back to the office. Now that people are starting to go back, what they find seems like the dark ages. Their meeting rooms, if they even have any communications capability at all, are only equipped with rudimentary audio conferencing equipment. Often with only a speakerphone. While working from home employees had a great meeting experience, and that’s what they are expecting back in the office. Employees are expecting hybrid meetings to be as good as they have on their laptops while sitting on the sofa in their living room.

Hybrid meetings as they used to be.

The Problem we Solve

Communication and collaboration tools have been key to keeping employees engaged, connected with colleagues, efficient and productive during the pandemic, but their rapid deployment created many challenges.

The pandemic brought the need for businesses to have effective online collaboration tools into focus. Those businesses with limited or no capability quickly overcame some of the barriers that had previously held them back and everyone signed up for their favourite online collaboration tools just to keep working.

As a result of the knee-jerk reaction to keep their workforce connected, many businesses had no defined strategy, no single vendor and no plan for the future. Businesses deployed a plethora of communication and collaboration tools such as Teams, Skype, Slack, WebEx, Zoom, WhatsApp, etc. Different managers, teams, business units and departments had their own preferences, leading to confusion and a degraded experience for users collaborating across teams or business units.

Legacy meeting room equipment, where there is some, isn’t compatible with the remote toolset. There are problems with legacy network infrastructure and patchy wifi in the offices. Forcing either in-person meetings with additional travel, or just not using the meeting rooms at all.

Hybrid meetings in the modern digital workplace.

The virtco® Accelerator

We have acquired deep technology expertise and experience through supporting clients on their digital workplace journeys. By leveraging that experience and utilising our six-step virtco® accelerator we help you overcome these challenges while minimising risk and business disruption.

Hybrid meetings accelerator 6-step process flow

Discovery and Strategy. Aims to discover your existing communication and collaboration tool portfolio, and develop a business-wide strategy to rationalise the toolset.

Design and Plan. Takes that new strategy and rationalised toolset and with you, we design and plan what the future state will be.

Develop and Configure. Gets down to the nuts and bolts of putting the plan into action, installing and configuring the required tools. Putting the required governance and compliance in place and ensuring properly implemented security controls.

Pilot and Verify. Enables a small-scale test group to be migrated, to test and verify everything works as it should, before wide-scale deployment.

Migrate in Blocks. ensures the whole organisation migrates to the new toolset in the functional teams they work in. Ensuring that everyone can communicate with who they need to.

Transition to Business As Usual. The final change management programme to transition to a rationalised, simplified set of tools. Help employees adopt those new tools and leverage the improved ways of working they bring.

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