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Migrating Content to the Cloud

Safely and securely migrating your content from on-premises file servers and network shares to modern cloud services such as SharePoint Online, OneDrive, DropBox and G-Drive with minimal impact to the business and enabling new ways of working for employees.

The Problem We Solve

Legacy on-premises servers with network file shares and tape backups are costly to maintain and support, difficult to connect to when working remotely, have little or no collaboration features, and are vulnerable to hardware failures and cybersecurity threats. Modern cloud-based content management platforms such as SharePoint Online, OneDrive, DropBox and G-Drive offer better availability, faster searching and improved features for your employees to create, collaborate and share content than ever before.

However, many businesses are failing to take advantage of the improved ways of working these technologies provide. Mostly, they are procrastinating at an organisational level because of the perceived complexity and amount of change required. So how can your business successfully migrate your content from on-premises servers to the cloud? Our accelerator reduces the complexity, risk, expense, and disruption to the business. We enable you to maximise return on investment, drive the adoption of modern technologies and reap the benefits cloud platforms deliver.

The virtco® Accelerator

We are aware that every business faces its own unique challenges. Experience and expertise in successfully delivering content migrations across geographies, time zones and industries differentiates this virtco® accelerator.

Our six-step process for migrating your content to the cloud utilises early discovery and planning to accelerate the project. We aim to reduce disruption to the business, manage the change process, and support employees. Not only with the adoption of modern technologies but also help them exploit new ways of working.

Proven digital accelerator for migrating content to the cloud 6-step process flow.

Our depth of industry knowledge, high-level of technical expertise and experience in delivering user-centric migrations at scale enables virtco® to deliver content migrations to the cloud within 1-12 months depending on the size and complexity of your business and your current infrastructure.

Giving your employees new tools and expecting them to use them correctly is not going to deliver business value. You need to ensure your employees have the knowledge, skill, and ability to adopt those tools. Then to exploit them, improving their productivity and driving out waste.

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