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Cyber Security

Our mission is to “help you do more with less”. So my aim here is to help you better protect the systems in your business or organisation. By that I mean both the technology systems and the human systems. These articles on various aspects of cyber security are here to help you learn more about the threats to you and your business. I hope you find them useful in preventing you from becoming a victim to any cyber threat.

WordPress Site Security

Do you need help with securing and maintaining a WordPress based website? If so, we have a great range of WordPress Site Care service offerings to do that for you. Our WordPress Site Care service is designed to keep your WordPress based site secure and running. We update, patch and secure it to make sure your website is protected. All our plans include comprehensive and regular patching of the WordPress Core, Plugins and Themes. We also back-up your site daily, and keep the back-ups for at least thirty days.

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WordPress Site Clean-up

Has your WordPress website has been hacked? Then you may need help with cleaning it up and getting it back online. If your answer is yes, please take a look at our WordPress Site Clean-up service. 23 years ago, a server that we had just commissioned was hacked. Ever since I’ve been honing my cyber-security skills so I can better serve my customers.

The hackers got in through a backdoor, left open by an anti-virus product we’d just installed. Fortunately, the hackers didn’t get anything useful. Since there was no customer data on that server. But they did attempt to delete every file on the server. Since then, I’ve been on a mission to create the most secure and reliable hosting service I possibly can, and we’ve never been successfully hacked since.

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