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Products & Services

Virtco Business Internet Packages

When you are setting up shop online it’s all too easy to over complicate things. You end up with services coming from a multitude of vendors. Then when something goes wrong it becomes a finger-pointing exercise. Our business internet packages are designed to take you from startup to enterprise while eliminating that pain. That then frees you up to run the business you are good at without getting bogged down learning all the intricacies of the Internet.
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Virtco Database Hosting

Virtco Domain Services

Virtco Email Services

Virtco Hosted Email is a customizable, affordable and high-performing email solution for individuals and organisations with their own domain name. With a strong track record of reliability and excellent deliverability, thousands of users trust the Virtco email service.

  • Every mailbox comes with 5GB of space (upgradeable) and the ability to send large attachments (up to 35MB).
  • Spam and virus protection for inbound and outbound mail.
  • No hardware or software costs and pay only for what you use.
  • Full-time operations, high availability, secure data centres and stringent security.
  • Easy migration of your email accounts from existing email service providers.
  • SMTP access using SASL and SSL security so you can safely and confidently send email using any ISP or WiFi connection.
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Virtco WordPress Site Care

We are on a mission to protect as many websites as we can, because we don’t want anyone’s website to get hacked. So bring on WordPress Site Care. Our range of plans to suit all business sizes and ensure that your WordPress based site stays up and running. We update, patch and secure it to make sure your website is protected. All our plans include comprehensive and regular patching of the WordPress Core, Plugins and Themes. We also back-up your site daily, and keep the back-ups for at least thirty days.
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Virtco Site Care

Virtco WordPress Site Cleanup

Recently, I have noticed a huge number of sites are being hacked. Almost all of them WordPress based. Those sites are being used or abused by hackers who are intent on stealing your services or to defraud people of their hard-earned money. We’re only a small company, but those skills we have built over the years are now being re-purposed to help fix websites like yours and get you back online.