Virtco Database Hosting

As part of our Virtco Hosted Web service we provide access to a single MySQL database, but if you are not a Virtco Hosted Web customer, or need more than one database then we have a dedicated database hosting service.

Our database servers are fully managed and monitored, and backed up several times a day. Backups are then encrypted and stored on one of our other servers in a different geographic region.

Access to the database is made available using a wide variety of mechanisms to suit your business needs.

Virtco Hosted Database pricing

For a single database with up to 5GB of storage capacity we charge £5.00 per month*

If you require a copy of the database exported to DVD or USB memory device we charge £30.00 plus the cost of the media used.

If you require MySQL consultancy or programming work we charge £75.00 per hour* for on-site work or £50.00 per hour for remote work.

* prices quoted exclude VAT charged at the current rate.

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