Virtco Mail Agent – Coming Soon…

If, like us, you’re fed up of spam and you’re also fed up of services that should block or remove spam not doing a good enough job then you need our Virtco Mail Agent service.

Using the advanced spam filtering technology we developed when we first started the Virtco Hosted Email service, we have developed a new, and innovative approach to scan your mailboxes hosted with other service providers. So if you have an account with someone else and it’s getting bombarded with spam, or worse, then we can clean it out for you on a regular schedule.

With our simple console you enter in the login details for all your IMAP email accounts and our server then encrypts your passwords and stores them in our secure database. The service then accesses your email mailboxes and scans them for spam, phishing emails and viruses every few minutes. You can configure the system to remove the messages, quarantine them in a folder or flag them with a subject line tag that you can then use to filter in your own email software. You can opt for daily, weekly or monthly email reports of what the Virtco Mail Agent has blocked.

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