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What is the hybrid workplace, wellbeing and digital transformation?

Those are the three terms that have been in every consultant’s buzzword box since the pandemic started impacting our lives and businesses in early 2020. You’re probably thinking, how do these things affect us, we’re only a small business. From what we’ve seen they’re having a greater impact on small businesses. Employee, customer and business expectations, needs and desires have changed. So businesses need to adapt and change the way they operate. Being a small business makes you a perfect fit for us, we work mostly with small to medium-sized businesses with 3 to 500 employees. We have developed proven digital transformation consulting accelerators to transform businesses, just like yours, into a modern digital organisation, save you money, engage with your customers, boost retention, and help your staff be more productive.

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Do you find the Internet confusing?

So many small businesses get going with free online email accounts and sponsored web hosting. However, they do not build confidence in your customers. Because any fly-by-night can get one in 5 minutes and call themselves a business. That’s why we developed our all-in-one business accelerators, with a secure website and email, all on your own domain name.

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How much time are you wasting on your website?

Your time is valuable. Your website is important. You’re not a web developer. So, If you’re updating your website yourself then you are wasting your time. Your time is best employed doing what makes you money, and not messing around with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. So, that’s why we have Website Care, with a range of plans to suit your needs.

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Are you a bit lost in WordPress?

You may find WordPress very daunting if you are not technically minded. However, it is arguably the best website management system. So we developed our WordPress Site Care packages to take the digital millstone from around your neck. Enabling you to concentrate on doing what you are best at.

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Has your website been hacked?

Sadly, poorly configured or badly maintained web hosting has left businesses like yours vulnerable to hackers. Imagine if you are a professional business and someone hijacks your website by posting pornography all over it. Over our 29 year history, we have developed the skills, techniques and tools to effectively clean up hacked websites. Contact us today to discuss how we can help.

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Grant has been an enormous help in setting up our IT infrastructure. He is amazingly versatile in the realm of IT and he deals with all our issues connected with IT. The service element is superb and over and above that, he is a really helpful and friendly guy.Tony Crouch,
Recruiter - International Bulk Physical Commodities
Grant is one of the fastest thinking people I have met – he can spot something a mile off. I really enjoyed working for Grant and would be keen to work with him again. One of the people you aspire to be as good as.Rachel Dunscombe,
CEO NHS Digital Academy
Having worked with Grant for nearly 20 years I cannot think of one time when he did not provide me with all the tools and knowledge needed to start continue or complete any task we needed. His knowledge on all IT matters either hardware or software is incredible. I cannot recommend Grant highly enough.Richard Hailey,
IT Hardware Manager
Digital Workplace Podcast where our principal consultant and founder talks about digital transformation consulting.
Listen to our principal consultant and founder as he talks about the digital workplace.

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