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Virtco 30 Year Anniversary

It’s Our 30th Anniversary

D. Grant Crawley Limited (now trading as Virtco®) was established on 10th April 1992, so 2022 marks 30 years in business. The amazing thing to note is that we still have some of the same customers today that were customers when we were founded all that time ago. You know who you are – thank you.

Looking back over the years I realise that I must be doing something right, and I have learned a considerable amount along the way.

One of our core values has always been to serve our customers, and that brings me to what our vision has become.

Help everyone work smarter and get more done

and with that vision comes our mission;

To give business leaders the knowledge and skills they need​ to enable their staff to be more productive in the modern digital workplace​

and finally, a clear distillation of the company’s core values;

Lead • Guide • Serve

I can almost hear you saying, “So what’s that supposed to mean?”.


To lead the way with digital technology. Discover how to get the most value out of the latest technological innovations and innovate our own digital solutions.


To guide business leaders and entrepreneurs in how they too can get the most value from the latest digital technology.


To serve all our customers with the personalised service and focus we are renowned for.

I hope virtco® is still operating in another 30 years’ time, and look forward to leading, guiding and serving our customers into the future.

Thank you to all my customers past, present and future.

Grant Crawley
Founder & CEO

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