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Your Trusted Digital Guide

We know that navigating the journey to digital workplace success has hidden obstacles, so we made it our mission to be your guiding light. Giving you the knowledge and skills you need​ to enable your staff to be more productive in the modern digital workplace.

We support your digital technology environment, drive positive change and empower your people by working as an extension of your team.

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Your Success Is Our Business

Customer service excellence is at the heart of virtco® and a key reason our customers stay with us. For example, our first-ever customer is still a customer today. That’s over 30 years and they’re not an exception.

Your business needs to stay ahead of your competitors. So virtco® stays ahead of the hype cycle, allowing us to deliver cutting-edge technology to you as a functioning business tool to give you a competitive advantage.

How We Work With You

Before we embark on any engagement it’s critical that we fully understand your requirements. So, we take whatever time is necessary to scope the project with you and provide options outlining how it will be delivered.

Utilising our 30+ years of experience, we work as your partners until your strategic objectives and the required business outcomes are met.

Starting with the “discover” phase, we work through our 5-stage virtco® consulting cycle to deliver you best-in-breed systems that grow and evolve with your business.

The virtco® consulting cycle
SME industries Virtco supports.

Who We Help

We work primarily with small (>50) to medium-sized (<250) enterprises that have a small internal IT team, aware they need to embrace the modern digital workplace but don’t know where to start.

If your business is in one of the following industries, we can help.

What Our Customers Say

Virtco have supplied and supported my businesses for over thirty years, and I have been consistently delighted by the quality of service and the depth of support provided us. Virtco are technically at the top of their game and additionally are great people to work with.

Tony Crouch, CEO
CN Consultancy Ltd

Virtco and the man behind the company, Grant Crawley, is our default service provider for anything web or email based. Grant also provides outstanding IT support services as and when we need them. If we ever have an IT problem or are looking to develop something new, we always contact Virtco.

David Gammond, CEO
Racefields Ltd

I have been a user of Virtco’s services for more than 20 years, and I have always felt valued, and the continuity of contact has been a major factor in my remaining with them. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to others.

Stephen Pratt, Proprietor
Sheliak Trading (IT Support)

Virtco are a reliable, professional organization. We have worked together for over 25 years, if we have any technical issues, they always provide a solution.

Ruth Chestock, Managing Director
Elite Promo UK Ltd

Grant has the capability and vision to take a business concept and turn it into a stable and reliable system. He can quickly recognise the best direction needed for the project and frequently comes up with suggestions and ideas that improve the whole process and result in a much more efficient method of operation. A great team player.

David Percival, Managing Director (retired)
Delavan Ltd

Grant is one of the fastest thinking people I have met – he can spot something a mile off. I really enjoyed working for Grant and would be keen to work with him again. One of the people you aspire to be as good as.

Rachel Dunscombe, CEO
NHS Digital Academy

You Have Nothing To Lose

If you click the button below and complete the contact form, it won’t cost you anything and you will have started a conversation to begin solving your business problems. If you don’t complete the form, it still won’t cost you anything, but for certain you will not have started solving your business problems.

While You Wait

In the meantime, you may find our podcast useful and informative. It’s an easy-to-consume format for busy people.

Digital Workplace Podcast where our principal consultant and founder talks about digital transformation consulting.
Listen to our principal consultant and founder as he talks about the digital workplace.

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