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Adopting New Ways of Working

Giving your employees new tools and expecting them to use them correctly is not going to deliver business value. You need to ensure your employees have the knowledge, skill, and ability to adopt those tools and new ways of working. Then to exploit the tools, improving their productivity and driving out waste.

The Problem We Solve

The pandemic brought many issues into focus. One of which was the need for businesses to enable their employees to work and collaborate remotely. The Internet enabled many businesses to transition seamlessly. However, individual employees were forced online with many different ability levels, causing personal challenges and stress.

As we adapt to the changing business landscape, it’s becoming obvious that remote and hybrid working is becoming increasingly pervasive. Research suggests that over 70% of employees expect flexible working to remain. Over 30% would leave their job for one offering remote working. That means businesses need to plan for somewhere over 40% of their workforce to be working remotely in the “new normal”.

Businesses need to ensure that their employees are not merely competent in using the new tools and services. They need to ensure employees have the digital acumen to enable them to identify opportunities to exploit those tools and develop new and more effective ways of working.

The virtco® Accelerator

The virtco® proven digital accelerators contain costs and limit business disruption. Utilising the change management and adoption methodology from Prosci, the ADKAR® model, helps to ensure a successful change outcome. Our digital workplace and change management consultants have extensive change implementation and adoption experience. We can help if you need a fast-track 6-week program to drive specific tool or service awareness or are looking to ensure long-term successful adoption of new tools and services by embedding them deeply into the business.

The change management and adoption methodology we follow focuses on the employee journey. Getting both leaders and employees involved at the earliest possible stage. Working with them helps to ensure that the whole organisation is equipped and motivated to make the change successful.

ADKAR change methodology helps to contain costs and limit disruption

We start by making employees and leaders aware of the business and individual needs for the proposed change. Then, we build a desire to participate in, support and help shape the change. Giving individuals the knowledge and understanding about the change equips them to work in a new way through training and guidance. Once trained, employees have the ability to implement the desired skills and behaviours. Finally, we help the business to put processes in place for reinforcement of the change and reward employees for sustaining the desired behaviours.

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