Re-branding as

The internet services arm of D. Grant Crawley Limited has been known as virtco® for some considerable time now, the name was originally used back in 2005 to denote our new email service.

Since virtco® and are an easier to remember brand name than D. Grant Crawley Limited (which is a bit of a mouthful even for me) I have decided to re-brand all the internet-based services as virtco® services. Virtco® is our trading brand name and registered trademark, is the main website. The company will remain as D. Grant Crawley Limited.

Other virtco® based brand names you will see in the near future are:

  • – our customer relationship management offering
  • – our enterprise resource planning (accounts) system
  • – our microsite for email services
  • – our microsite for cloud server hosting
  • – our customer portal for all virtco® internet services

If you’re already a customer, then keep a lookout for your login credentials to the virtco customer portal. You’ll be able to request new services, cancel unwanted services, view and download invoices, make changes and more…

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