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We try not to print anything, but sometimes you just have to, so we have a printer. You’ll need one too. We have access to the full range of HP printers, MFDs and plotters, so whatever size you need to print on, and whether it needs to be in colour or black and white we’ll recommend the perfect print solution for your business.

A document scanner is a useful addition to most businesses too, and that’s where an MFD or multi-function-device really comes into it’s own. You can even plug in a fax line if your customers are still faxing orders.

Plotters are there for when you need it really big, that may be for CAD drawings, or it may just be that you work on giant spreadsheets, or you could need the large format for printing fashion patterns. Whatever your needs, we will have the solution to them, that’s what CaaS is all about.

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