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Do you know your Twitter from your Facebook, Tumblr from Pinterest, Weibo from QQ, are you up-to-date with netiquette? If you think I’m talking a foreign language then you should read on…


We’ve been using social media since there was only UseNet, CompuServe and some dial-up bulletin boards, it’s come a very long way since then. All the different social media technologies have their pros and cons, and some are better for some things than others, knowing how to navigate those technologies is where we come in. There are literally thousands of social media platforms springing up all over the place, a few of them are disrupting the way things are done, and as a business you need to pay attention and make use of the opportunities they offer before your competitors beat you to it.

We will help you make sense of what’s out there, how those technologies can be used by your business and the drivers and dangers you should be aware of. Don’t just think “we should be on Facebook”, and try and replicate your website on there – it won’t work. You need to start by thinking about what you want to achieve and how that platform can best help you do that, and it may well not be the most obvious platform that will have greatest results.

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