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Prior to registering your domain name, the following details are needed. Please complete the form carefully, especially the Domain Name and Extension and the Registrant/Organisation Name as these cannot be changed after registration.

    Domain Name and Extension (required):

    Registration Period (required):


    Note: If you select a longer period that 2 years the price will be pro-rated for the period you have selected.

    Registrant/Organisation Name (required):

    Note: The registrant name should be the full legal name of the person or organisation that the domain name is registered to. .ltd and .plc names must be the company name.

    Contact Name (required):

    Contact Email (required):

    Contact Phone Number:

    Organisation Type:

    Trading Name (optional):

    Organisation Number:

    Note: Mandatory for most company types, optional for others.

    WHOIS Data Opt-out:


    Note: Companies may not opt out.

    Street Address (required):

    Address 2:

    Address 3:

    Town/City (required):


    Postal Code:


    I agree to be bound by the D. Grant Crawley Limited terms and conditions for the provision of services.

    I agree to be bound by the Nominet terms and conditions for the registration and operation of a domain name in the .UK name space.

    I have been advised of the registration and renewal charges and agree to those charges.

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