DNS Server Upgrades

Today I have improved the resilience of our DNS services by upgrading both the primary (London) and secondary (New York) DNS servers to the latest versions. We can now fully support both IPV4 and IPV6 network addresses and name resolution within the same domain structure.

These servers both have our innovative adaptive firewall technology that constantly monitors activity for abnormal behaviour and shuts down connections to the offending party before it becomes an issue.

They’re also monitored 24/7, like all our other servers, to ensure that we maintain our 99.999% up-time record.

Re-branding as virtco.com

The internet services arm of D. Grant Crawley Limited has been known as virtco® for some considerable time now, the name was originally used back in 2005 to denote our new email service.

Since virtco® and virtco.com are an easier to remember brand name than D. Grant Crawley Limited (which is a bit of a mouthful even for me) I have decided to re-brand all the internet-based services as virtco® services. Virtco® is our trading brand name and registered trademark, virtco.com is the main website. The company will remain as D. Grant Crawley Limited.

Other virtco® based brand names you will see in the near future are:

  • virtcocrm.uk – our customer relationship management offering
  • virtcoerp.uk – our enterprise resource planning (accounts) system
  • virtcomail.co.uk – our microsite for email services
  • virtcoserver.co.uk – our microsite for cloud server hosting
  • virtco.uk – our customer portal for all virtco® internet services

If you’re already a customer, then keep a lookout for your login credentials to the virtco customer portal. You’ll be able to request new services, cancel unwanted services, view and download invoices, make changes and more…